How Much Do Commercial Pilots Make?

How Much Do Commercial Pilots Make? Individuals that are looking for exciting career prospects often wonder how much do commercial pilots create! Everyone knows that the job of a commercial pilot is full of new and exciting features, salary being a major part of it. Before one gets attracted to the hefty pay packages that are enjoyed by commercial pilots, one must take into account that a person must put into long hours of flying and hefty sums of money before really getting the approved commercial pilot license.


People who have a love for flying, traveling all over the world and a desire for handsome pay packages can opt for the process of receiving their training in this subject.

There are many airlines operating all over the world. Some traveling only domestic flights the USA while others travel domestic and international too.

Depending upon the person’s eligibility, the area of interest and stage of a career that he is in, one gets the suitable job in this area.

What are the salary prospects in this field?


Be it that the United States or India, commercial pilots earn excellent money, depending upon their expertise and airline policies.

Many people who join as new commercial pilots earn about 2 to 3 lakhs a month in India. This can go as high as Rs 8 lakhs each year.

In countries such as the United States, one is bound to begin with a pay package of $60,000 annually. So, basically how much a commercial pilot makes a year is dependent upon certain factors which vary from airline to airline.

Perks that come along with their salary

The cover packages are often in handsome amounts for seasoned pilots that rely on the number of hours they finish and whether they fly nationwide or international.

Other than these, one can also count upon the fancy perks that commercial pilots get. These include free or discounted air travel rates for their family, travel to far off lands and adequate resort remains to name a few.

How much do private pilots make?


The aviation industry has always seen a rise in the demand for new and better pilots owing to the growing demands of this industry. As a private airline pilot, one has to fly private planes for large companies and names and make big bucks.

A first officer junior becomes somewhere above 1 lakh a month, a first officer senior gets anything over Rs. 2 lakhs and a commander gets above Rs 2.5 lakhs. As the experience grows, one gets succeeding increments and can reach to as high as Rs. 8 lakhs a month!

How much do flight attendants make?

Another career prospect aviation field is the function of a flight attendant who has paid a starting salary of Rs 50,000 that goes as high as Rs 100000 a month.


There are several factors that come into play here, the airline rules being the foremost. Additionally, a flight attendant’s job requires many personal skills which a person has to be good at! Students that are fresh out of schools and schools can surely be moved considering how much do commercial pilots make!

How Much Do Private Pilots Make a Year?

Holding a private pilot’s license doesn’t entitle a pilot to operate in a commercial setting, however, and it’s illegal to employ a pilot who holds a private pilot’s license to perform responsibilities reserved for a pilot with a commercial permit. Because of this, private pilots don’t obtain a flight-related salary.

Limitations on Private Pilot Licensure

CFR 14 §61.113 bars a private pilot from flying any aircraft which carries passengers or cargo for compensation. While a few exemptions to the law exist — private pilots may fly an aircraft at the line of business if it is incidental to the company’s business — private pilots can not operate aircraft in connection with any commercial activity.

Because of these limitations on private pilots, they can not legally work for commercial aircraft carriers or as a for-hire pilot for private jets.

Commercial Pilot License

Although this licensure allows pilots that the legal privilege to fly commercial aircraft, their wages vary significantly by the size of the planes and the flights they fly, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

How Much Do Vet Techs Make? the answer

The average yearly salary of all professionally employed pilots was $111,680 as of May 2008, according to the Handbook, even though the middle 50 percent’s salaries ranged from $81,580 to $150,480.

Commercial Pilot License Requirements

To be eligible for a commercial pilot license, an applicant must be at least 18 years old and hold a private pilot license. In addition to the private pilot’s license, pilots must log at least 100 hours of flight time, 50 of which must be in planes, instead of helicopters.

Applicants must also complete 20 hours of training, including 10 hours of instrument flight time. Those who would like to get multi-engine certification must log 10 hours of flight training to get a multi-engine craft under the supervision of a flight instructor.

Private Pilot License Privileges

Much Do Commercial Pilots MakePrivate pilot licensure enables pilots to fly passengers and themselves — whom can’t pay for the trip — with the very same requirements of medical examinations, pre-flight preparation, and constraints placed on commercial pilots.

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