how to allocate more ram to minecraft

How to allocate more ram to minecraft ?Odds are, at one time or another, everybody who has played with Minecraft will have struck the “Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory” error before. For many players, the Minecraft client will run out of memory every once in while through glitches within the game, big explosions or even over-complicated Redstone machines.

However, for many players, the Out of Memory crash will exhibit considerably more often, possibly attributed to poor PC performance or a low amount of RAM is available on your computer.


On this page, I will outline a few of the greatest ways avoid your personal computer running out of memory when playing Minecraft later on.

How to Allocate More RAM to Minecraft

The most frequently cited method of preventing the Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory error is to allocate additional memory to your Minecraft client.

In the past, this was comparatively complex and involved producing. Bat files and documents. However, from the new version of this Minecraft client, it is a lot simpler. The new process of allocate more RAM to Minecraft is summarized below:

Open up the Minecraft launcher as normal.

In the bottom left-hand corner, before logging in click on the Edit Profile… button.

In the bottom of the new menu tick the JVM mailbox.

You will now have the ability to alter the box to the right, which will generally say “-Xmx1G” by default.


Change the “1G” at the limit to some additional value, such as 2G to devote an extra GB of RAM to Minecraft, up to a max of just how much RAM you have on your computer.

Click the Save Profile button at the bottom right.

You will then have the ability to load up a planet in Minecraft, press F3 and consult with the quantity of memory currently being used and allocated to Minecraft by checking the values on the top right of your screen.

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This is often the most effective way of preventing the Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory error from reoccurring. If for any reason you are running an older version of Minecraft then we’ve got a complete guide on how to allocate more RAM to Minecraft here.

Running Minecraft on the Lowest Settings

Although it might not be glamorous, frequently the best method to stop Minecraft running from memory is to simply lower the video settings. This fix is especially practical for users that don’t have any extra RAM on their computers to allocate to Minecraft. The video settings that you will want to use are listed below:


Graphics: Quickly

Render Distance: 2 Chunks

Particles: Off

You’ll also want to have fun with your Advanced OpenGL setting. We have a full guide on the Advanced OpenGL setting and the way it impacts your performance here.

Changing Minecraft Priority in Task Manager

One final way that I advise players utilize to stop Minecraft showing the from Memory crash would be to modify the priority of the Minecraft program from the Task Manager. Follow the below steps to make running Minecraft the Primary priority for your computer:

Load up a Minecraft world and shed the game.

Open up the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Click on the Minecraft.exe, java.exe or javaw.exe program.

Hover over Priority and select High or Realtime.


With Minecraft having the maximum priority on your system it will get the most of your computer’s tools, allowing you to get the most from what you have. Finally, this will indicate that more RAM is going to probably be allocated to Minecraft than it might have been otherwise, and this, in turn, will prevent the Minecraft Has Run Out of Memory error from occurring as often.

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