how to become an uber driver

If You Reside in a City where Uber Functions, You’re Conscious that the Cab service is Quick, Dependable and cheap, but were you aware that it Is also Simple to become an uber driver yourself, and earn a little extra cash?



We will show you how to become an uber driver in three simple steps, which means you can get out there and begin earning money in no time at all.

We will go into the details of how to apply to become an uber driver, and what documentation and vehicle you want and the way it is possible to match driving for Uber around your schedule so that you may quickly make additional cash when you want.

How to become an uber driver in three steps

Check to make certain you have the right driving license and

insurance, then await Uber’s history check to clear

What vehicle you need to become an Uber driver

As you’re going to be driving people around in your own vehicle, you will need to make sure it’s up to the criteria Uber needs.

Your car should be under five years old, and should comfortably chair between four and eight individuals.


The makes and models of automobiles that Uber enables its drivers to utilize changes from country to country, so have a look at the Uber website for a complete list.

As an instance, this is the list of accepted cars if you want to become an Uber driver in the united kingdom.

As we mentioned above, you can take your car to an Uber Greenlight location for a review. If your vehicle meets the requirements you’re on your way to becoming an Uber driver.

The best way to Have a car for Uber

Should youn’t have a car or the vehicle you own does not meet Uber’s requirements, that doesn’t mean that you can not grow to be an Uber motorist — though the practice is somewhat trickier.

You’ll have to either rent or purchase a Uber-approved vehicle, and thankfully Uber has made this process easy thanks to this Uber Marketplace, which makes it possible to locate vehicles to push.

Special discounts and supplies are made available to Uber drivers, which means it’s possible to get a car secure in the knowledge that it will be fit for the career within an Uber driver.


Naturally, if you do have to buy or lease a vehicle, this will have an impact on the quantity of gain you can expect to make as an Uber driver in the brief term.

What driving license you need to become an Uber driver

The license you need will vary from country to country and even city to city. In the UK you are going to need a Private Hire Vehicle license (PHV), which you apply for through the local council.

You’ll need to make a booking to get your vehicle inspected, and you’ll have to get an MOT certificate that has been issued within the previous 14 days.

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In addition, you need an in-state driver’s licence, and a clean driving record with no DUI or drug-related crimes, no criminal background, no charges of reckless driving and no history of driving without insurance or a license.

Uber will conduct a background check on you, and will let you know whether or not you’ve passed.

What insurance you Want to become an Uber driver

You will want to have the correct insurance when working as an Uber motorist, and even when you’re already insured to drive your vehicle, you might not be covered to utilize your automobile for work or business use, so check your own documentation.

Cost comparison sites such as Compare the Market or will help you find a good deal if you want to change your car or truck insurance.

How to train for an Uber driver

There is one final barrier to becoming an Uber driver: you’ll need to attend a two-hour training course, also called an ‘Ignition info session’.

It is free, and it does not concentrate on driving, but provides customer support guidance, training you how you can handle clients and handle any problems that come up.

In the session, you will also be shown how to use the Uber Partner app, which is used to compute and record your fares.

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The app will show you instructions to the Uber rider’s place to pick them up.

Be warned — if you are online using the app then you’re expected to pick up most driving asks, but you are free to go offline at any moment, which means it’s possible to stay in control of when you work.

How to get paid by Uber

When you register as an Uber motorist you can supply your bank details (or you can add your bank details later).

Uber will cover you weekly, usually on a Thursday, and it calculates the amount of fares you’ve taken between 4am on a Monday and 3:59am the following Monday.


The trip fare is based on the duration and distance of every trip and can vary depending on your location. Uber has a listing of fares where for you to check.

In case you have to pay a toll in a journey, Uber will reimburse you in full for this.

Uber takes a percentage of your trip fare, in addition to booking fees, and that also depends upon your location. At the UK Uber generally, takes 20% of every fare.

You also need to remember that while you are working for Uber you are actually self-employed, which means you will have to make certain that you have the appropriate tax arrangements to your country or place.

What Do Successful Drivers Do ?

Being a successful Uber driver is simpler than you think. You will need a fundamental grasp of the vital things that Uber looks for in a driver.

Not only great social skills in ways but only being courteous about the small things.

Acceptance Rating

A ride petition is sent to the Uber motorist closest into the passenger asks. They calculate Acceptance Rating by comparing how many trips you take in with just how many trips are delivered to you.

If you do not accept 4 asks while you’re logged into, the Uber program will log you off automatically for rejecting too many requests.

You may either be permitted to log back in after a couple of minutes, or your account may be deactivated. So just keep this in mind and if you’re going to eat lunch or just hang out with a few friends, be certain that you turn off your driver standing.

Cancellation Rate

Uber hates canceled trips. Trips are often canceled either by the passenger or the driver.

For those who are getting more cancellations than the average for that town, Uber can send you a message to deactivate your service. So as much as you can, do not cancel!

Star Ratings

At the close of each trip, you and the passenger give every other star-ratings. 5 to the 1 and highest for the cheapest. Your star-rating is an average of all the rates that your passengers gave you.

Each city has their particular requirement of star-rating.

Should you get lower than the city’s ordinary, your Uber account risks the prospect of becoming deactivated.

Time Management

Time management is an important thing for the Uber driver. It is important to figure out what times are best for you personally as a way to leverage the maximum income from driving.

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If you want to become an uber driver you’ll want to make certain that to have the correct driving license — and if you don’t, then you’ll need to apply for one.

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