how to delete page in word the easy way

However frequently do you use Microsoft Word, you’ve probably already encountered the following issue at least once. Although It sounds fairly easy to resolve, it is always frustrating Once You Want to delete a page in Word, especially when it is a blank page. So the way to delete a page in Word document?


There are various ways to do that and you can select the right one depending on the position of your (blank) page. A (blank) page can normally be found at the end of the document, but also in the center of it.

Blank pages usually emerge if you make a page break or when your document contains empty paragraphs which you don’t see. Before you start taking away the page you should determine why the blank page is showing up.

You don’t know why the blank page looks

Follow this Brief tutorial to discover why there are blank pages in your file:

Use keyboard commands CTRL+SHIFT+8 To have the paragraph marks turned on, or click on the Show/Hide ¶ option on the right top side of the Home tab.


What does this signal ¶ mean?

That is the sign for an empty paragraph on the blank page. You can select the empty paragraph with the left mouse click and press the Delete key to remove the paragraph.

How to Delete a Page in Word That is Completely Blank

Quick solution when a page contains empty paragraphs

If you have a blank page in a document, that probably means that your document contains empty paragraphs. To get rid of it, click with your mouse at the end of the document and press backspace key as long as the blank page doesn’t disappear.

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Sometimes, you’ll have to press the key only once where there is only one empty paragraph. Oftentimes you will need to press that key multiple times, due to multiple paragraphs showing up in the blank page. If you prefer to use keyboard press CTRL and End at precisely the same time and then Backspace key.

See How It Works with the Navigation Pane

Open the navigation pane by ticking the checkbox Navigation Pane that is placed in the View menu below the Show tab. Click on the blank page thumbnail and then on the Delete key. The same as in the first instance, you may want to press the key more than once.


Your blank page is a result of manual page break

Blank pages usually appear at the base, but like we said, occasionally they could appear in the middle of a document. The most probable reason for that is a manual page break.

When you manually add a page break, it may lead to a blank page showing up. To remove this page just left click on your mouse before the page break and press the Delete key.

You do not see manual page break

If You Can’t see the page break and a blank page is there in the midst of your document, It is possible to turn paragraph marks, which we have already explained how it’s done.

How to Delete a Page in Word that is not Blank

If the page you wish to remove from the document contains text, guidelines are a bit different.

Begin with the left mouse click at the beginning of the content that you wish to remove, then press and hold the SHIFT key on the keyboard, and finally click at the end of the content. By using these three-step process, you will have the ability to select the content and to remove it.

The final step is to press the Delete on your keyboard, but before you do so, make sure you have selected the ideal piece of content.

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Note: when you accidentally remove a page in Word, which you did not plan for, just click on the Undo button.

Your blank page is a result of section page break

Section page breaks are divided into three groups: next page, odd page, and even page. In all three cases, a blank page can occur. In precisely the same way as with a manual page break, click before the section break and then press the Delete on the keyboard.

This solution is applicable to the situations when a blank page is at the end of a record. If a blank page appears somewhere in the middle of a record, due to the segment page break, you need to be more careful so as to not make a mess with the file formatting.

Your blank page is a result of an empty table

So far you’ve probably learned how to delete a page in Word but it may happen that your blank page is still there although you’re trying to remove it.

That thing that can cause you troubles apart from page breaks, is a table. If you added a table in a Word file, and that table is spread across the whole document, there will be an empty paragraph directly after the table and you won’t have the ability to remove it.

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This is only a Word feature. Of course, There’s a way to solve the issue if you want to delete a blank page:

Hide the empty paragraph at the bottom of a document!

To do so, first, locate the paragraph mark and pick it with a click of the mouse. Press CTRL and D keys on the keyboard simultaneously and the Font dialog will be opened.

Tick the Hidden box to hide the paragraph or change the font size to 1 point to create that paragraph smaller. After you finish, you can turn off the paragraph mark by following these steps:


Click on the Show/Hide button on the Ribbon OR press CTRL, SHIFT, 8 at the same time.

How Do You Delete Multiple Pages

It is possible to delete one page at the time, to make sure everything goes well. If that’s the case, follow some of these rules above to remove a blank page or a page with content.

However, if you want to save time and to delete multiple pages at once, keep reading the guide.

Note: This may come in handy when you’re dealing with large documents, with a lot of pages.

You wish to delete multiple pages at precisely the exact same time, and those pages are in a sequential order.

This is easy, you can use the left mouse click to pick the pages and then press Delete.

You wish to delete multiple pages but not all of them are in a consecutive order.

This is a bit tricky. Let’s say you a have a record with 80 pages and you want to delete pages from 25 to 28, then from 43 to 47 and then from 78 to 80. You can’t delete all these pages at once, but at least you can delete those pages that are in sequential order.

Here are the steps:

Press F5 on your keyboard and the Find and Replace dialog will appear.


In the Go to tab, type the page number (the number of the first page at a range) and click on the Go to the button.

Press F8 button to expand the document, and again F5 to replicate the first step. This time, type the amount of the page that first comes after the last page you need to delete. For instance, if you would like to delete pages from 25 to 28, you may type 29 here.

So the way to delete a page in Word document? When you click on the Go to button again, the pages that are chosen will be chosen and ready to be removed.

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