how to draw pokemon step by step ,complete guide

So you would like to know how to draw pokemon step by step .I guess so if you are here! And what might be a much better start which Pikachu, the protagonist of the famous series! Drawing Pokemon is  quite simple.

These are based on very basic and elementary shapes and once you have learned how to break them down to those basic shapes,

Drawing them will be part of the cake!

With this tutorial we’ll start to train our eyes together with Pikachu that’s essentially composed of a ring, the mind, along with an elongated ellipses below to form the body.

But to begin with a much simpler approach I’ll ask you to draw a square and a rectangle which we will use to establish the proportions of their human body. Let us begin.


As soon as you have drawn the square and the rectangle you have established a solid framework around which to create this character.

The mind of Pikachu will probably be within the square while the whole body will be within the rectangle.

Pikachu is small, mouse-like Pokemon who have short, yellow fur with brown markers covering their backs and portions of their tails. They’ve black-tipped, pointy ears and red circles on their lips, which can be said to comprise “electrical sacs”. Their tails are shaped in the kind of a lightning bolt.

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Now draw the two big black eyes, two circles approximately on the horizontal midline of the face area.

Beginning from the outer ridge of the eye then follow the red arrows to figure the angles of this darkened mouth.

After this is done draw on the tiny triangular nose half way between eyes and mouth. Easy, is not it? I told you that this will be an enjoyable and effortless way to understand how to draw pokemon.


From the previous sketch, I’ve moved to the one just by including a couple of straightforward details. The long ears, the feet, and arms along with a simple curved line which will help draw the jagged tail.


When you’ve followed my instructions you should have approximately the exact same drawing and now it’s a good time to clean this up a little bit.

Erase the construction lines (the square and rectangle) and work on the roundness of the cheeks and body. Remember it has to be adorable for a Pokemon!

The Pokedex, in many games in the series, states that Pikachu forage for berries. Instead of climbing trees, they use little electrical bolts to release the berries and apples from the tree, roasting them at Precisely the Same timeTo tackle it, simply draw an elliptical outline and then draw the tail inside it. The drawing is nearly over!


In the last step, as usual, clean your drawing using your favorite eraser, thicken a number of their body lines to boost the figure shape and voila, you’ve discovered how to draw Pokemon… well at least Pikachu with this easy lesson.

I have taken this drawing to next degree and I’ve digitally inked it and colored with Photoshop. Here’s the result. If you want you may download the coloring page of the drawing from the coloring page segment of the website!

Don’t hesitate to comment the tutorial or contact us for questions in the Contact us section of the website, We would love to hear from you.


How To Draw Pikachu from Pokemon

All children and kids love this humorous and adorable image. He’s really straightforward shape and you can draw it with easy. Lots of you don’t really need this drawing tutorial and a lot of children can draw on Pikachu without incremental instruction.

However, I understand using these drawing hints you will be able to draw its shape and proportions of this more authentic.

Try draw Pokemon Pikachu with me!


The first measure of drawing Pokemon is very easy. You need to draw the outline sketches for the head (circle) and add two vertical lines. They are the boundaries of the body Pikachu.


You want to the ends of these lines include little circles. They will help you draw legs. Add two very smallish chunks to the head Pokemon and draw just two short horizontal lines (palms).


At this stage of drawing, you need to add the outline sketches for ears and feet.


This measure is more difficult. You need to draw a general outline the human body and mind, ears, hands and feet Pikachu.


Take a sharp pencil and circle this preliminary outline.

In the end, you will need to draw out a tail and go to the next phase.


You have to remove the unnecessary lines and circles and draw the actual lines for the face Pikachu.


At this step, you need to choose how to draw on the previous stage. This Pokemon drawing is performed in #2 pencil, but if you would like to use color pencils, your drawing can prove to look much more fun and adorable.

How to Draw Pokemon was composed by Ron Zalme, also was released in 1999. This book shows how

to draw some of the Pokemon from the Kanto region.

On the very first page, the writer gives four tips to help the reader get started. This page also includes a list of materials the reader needs in order to attempt and draw the Pokemon included in the book.

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The following page shows and shows the basic shapes that may be employed to draw on the Pokemon. On this particular page, they use Oddish as an illustration of how to use shapes to draw the characters.

For each Pokemon, three steps are illustrated and explained to help the reader draw the personality.

Step one shows the basic shapes that are needed as a way to draw the particular Pokemon. The next step shows how to include in the eyes, nose, mouth, legs, feet, and other capabilities.

The last step indicates the finishing touches the reader should make for their drawing so as to have the finished character. And if a reader ends up with too many issues drawing on the character right, they could trace the drawing of the Pokemon which is shown in the third measure.

On the very back page, there’s a picture of Ash and Pikachu. At a speech bubble, Ash says, “Drawing is like grabbing and training Pokemon. It takes a lot of patience and practice.” (But Pikachu should just be stating something similar to “Pika!” or “Pika! Pika! ,” because Pikachu can not use human language).

The publication is written in such a way that it’s geared toward children, and the text is easy for kids to follow and understand.


But, that doesn’t mean adults should shy away from using this publication. I also like the encouraging tone the author uses in the text; this tone is especially beneficial for children who might have trouble using drawing.

This book is great for anybody, whether young or old, to learn how to draw a few of the Pokemon characters. If you’re interested in figuring out how to draw a few of the Pokemon characters, then this book would be really beneficial.

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