How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft,For Beginners

Minecraft is quite a popular game and is widely played. So, if you want to know how to make a saddle in Minecraft, then you have landed at the right place.
In this report, we’ll be telling you about the same. So, let’s begin:

What is a saddle in Minecraft?


Superficially, a saddle signifies a leather-covered seat that’s put on the back of the horse.
Unlike the majority of the other things in Minecraft, a saddle cannot be crafted. On the contrary, it needs to be bought or gathered.

Step #1: Finding a saddle in Minecraft

In this step, we’ll be telling you about the many possible places in the game from where you can find a saddle. Saddles are usually contained inside the chests so, ultimately you’ve got to search for a chest, and if you’re lucky enough then you might have the ability to obtain a saddle.

Chests: it’s one of the possible ways for getting a saddle as saddles can’t be crafted. You will have to keep an eye out for each chest you encounter. However, the probability of finding a saddle in chests is quite low, but you might be lucky enough to find one.


Dungeon: Odds are high that you can find a saddle in the dungeons that are scattered across the world. According to statistics are concerned, 54% chances are there that you may find a saddle as loot from the chests in dungeons.

You can find a couple of chests in a dungeon, and chances are very high that you might be able to find a saddle at one of these chests.

Nether Fortress: A yet another spot where probability of finding a chest is good enough. To be able to access the Nether, you need building a Nether Portal frame using obsidian blocks. So, make certain to think of strong gears and a lot of supplies.

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There are 40% chances which you can find a saddle in the Nether Fortress, which may get down to 35 percent in 1.9.

Desert Temple: On your adventure, if you’re looking for a saddle then you should look for a desert temple. If you have found one, then you should think about searching for the clay blue cube that’s usually located at the center of the floor.

After digging it for some time, a secret room with four chests will be exposed to you. There are 15% chances that you may be able to find a saddle in one of them which goes to 24 percent in 1.9. There is a sure shot chance that you will get access to a saddle.

Village blacksmith, Jungle temples, and abandoned mineshafts: Villages are more likely to have a blacksmith, and there are 16% chances which you can get a saddle in his building via the chest.

Abandoned mineshafts and jungle temples have approximately 15% chances of containing a torso with a saddle indoors. Temple has two chests while an abandoned temple can have multiple chests.

Step #2: Trading for a saddle in Minecraft

You may exchange your saddle and in this measure, we will show you how you can do exactly the same.

If you’re up to the console or system variant of Minecraft, then it is possible to trade the saddles in exchange for emeralds with the villagers you came across. The leatherworker villagers who appear in a white apron getup can exchange with you.


Additionally, if you would like to purchase a saddle, then you’ll need somewhere around 9-16 Emeralds to unlock the best to buy a saddle and 8-10 longer emeralds to buy the saddle.

If you want to trade with the leatherworker, then you require right-clicking on the leatherworker in order to open the trade window. After this, you’ll have to buy the leather trousers in exchange for 2-4 emeralds. Do not forget to close the trading window as not doing so will result in no next tier. You can now buy the emeralds.

Step #3: Using a saddle in Minecraft

You can ride a horse or just a pig with this saddle. In this section, we’ll tell you how you can do so? So, let’s get started:

1: You first must approach a wild horse and will need to try to climb on top of it. Initially, the horse will throw you out but after a couple of tries, it will make it possible for you to ride on it. While riding on it, make sure to be empty-handed.

2: While you’ve climbed on the horse, you want to start your inventory. Make sure to have the saddles available for use.

3: Today, all that you need is to position the saddle in the saddle slot next to the horse image. You can also create the horse jump by pressing the jump button.

Additionally, if you want to remove the saddle, then you can easily remove it by choosing the horse and then removing it from the inventory.

Wrapping up saddle in Minecraft

This wrap-up segment brings us to the conclusion of this tutorial cum guide on “How to make a saddle in Minecraft?” We hope that we’re effective enough to satisfy your curiosity about this topic.

We firmly believe that we’ve left no stone unturned while getting into the nitty-gritty of the topic and making you understand the whole concept of it. But in case you still have any query regarding making a saddle in Minecraft then feel free to drop your query through comments below.


There is no way to generate a Saddle in Minecraft. The player will only have the ability to have a saddle by discovering them in chests. These chests can be seen inside dungeons, abandoned mines, nether fortresses, jungle temples, desert, blacksmith chests within NPC villages, trading with villagers, or even by angling.

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Now that you’ve learned how to find a Saddle, it can be placed on a pig, mule, donkey, or horse and allow the player to ride them by right-clicking the saddle itself. A Carrot on a Stick is required to control the motion of a pig. Killing any of the animals will drop the saddle but for a horse, you are ready to change right click to open an inventory box to dismount the saddle from the horse.

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